Novel Thermal Interface Materials for Electronics Cooling

Thermal interfaces pose a substantial bottleneck to heat dissipation from power-dense electronic devices.  Vertical nanostructure arrays of carbon nanotubes and thermally conductive pure polymer have been demonstrated as promising materials to address this challenge and thus enable new device functionalities.




Waste Heat to Electricity Conversion with Thermocells

Terawatts of energy is wasted globally each year as heat.  Thermo-electrochemical cells (or Thermocells) have the potential to make use of this wasted heat by converting it into electricity cost effectively.






Solar Energy Conversion with Rectenna Arrays

figRectennas are being explored as candidate technologies for solar energy conversion.  Rectennas have been demonstrated to be a much as 90% efficient at microwave frequencies.





Tunable Thermal Transport with Nanostructures

We are exploring ballistic thermal conduction by phonon polaritons that could produce dielectric nanostructure assemblies with very high thermal conductivity. Stay tuned!

NanoThink! Outreach to K-12 and the Public

We work with high school art and environmental science teachers to develop learning modules that incorporate hands-on viewing of materials in a scanning electron microscope.  The modules bridge the art and science curriculum and help bring different talents and perspectives to the respective disciplines.