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Welcome! The NEST Lab works to discover and develop new knowledge that brings energy solutions to society. Our approach is to build expertise that is firmly rooted in thermal sciences, while integrating fundamentals from nearly all of the traditional disciplines of science and engineering to solve important problems. Many of our solutions are enabled by the unique and exciting science at the nanoscale.

A little more: We conduct research, often on interdisciplinary teams, to understand and design transport and energy conversion in nanostructures and devices – particularly those based on carbon nanotubes and polymers. We develop tools to characterize thermal transport across several orders of scale for this purpose. Technologies that we currently work on include thermal interface materials, thermo-electrochemical cells, optical rectenna, and materials that can be tuned dynamically to regulate the flow of heat. We work with many good people who make it easy to have fun doing what we do.

Recent Publications

A. SharmaV. SinghT.L. Bougher, and B.A. Cola. A Carbon Nanotube Optical Rectenna. Nature Nanotechnology, 10:1027-1032, 2015. [link]

M.K. SmithV. Singh, K. Kalaitizdou, and B.A. Cola. Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Nanotube Array Surfaces with Tunable Wetting and Contact Thermal Energy Transport. ACS Nano, 9(2):1080-1088, 2015. [pdf]

P.F. SalazarS.T. StephensA.H. Kazim, J.M. Pringle, and B.A. Cola. Enhanced Thermo-electrochemical Power using Carbon Nanotube Additives in Ionic Liquid Redox Electrolytes. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2(48):20676-20682, 2014. [pdf]

V. SinghT.L. Bougher, A. Weathers, Y. Cai, K. Bi, M.T. Pettes, S.A. McMenamin, W. Lv, D.P. Resler, T.R. Gattuso, D.H. Altman, K.H. Sandhage, L. Shi, A. Henry, and B.A. Cola. High Thermal Conductivity of Chain-Oriented Amorphous Polythiophene. Nature Nanotechnology, 9:384-390, 2014. [link]

J.H. Taphouse, O.L. Smith, S.R. Marder, and B.A. Cola. A Pyrenylpropyl Phosphonic Acid Surface Modifier for Mitigating the Thermal Resistance of Carbon Nanotube Contacts. Advanced Functional Materials, 24:465-471, 2014. [pdf]









April 2016

Congrats to NESTers Matt Smith and Tom Bougher for following up a successful NSF I-Corp Grant with winning 2 business pitch competitions, along with Matt’s TI:GER Team, for a total of $15,000 in prize funds! Good luck with growing the business guys!

March 2016

NEST Ph.D. Student Erik Anderson wins prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship – congrats Erik!!

February 16, 2016

Prof. Cola’s talk from the 2015 X-STEM Symposium, sponsored by MedImmune and a program of the USA Science & Engineering Festival, is online.

February 12, 2016

Congrats to graduate student David Brown for winning a COPE Fellowship from the Georgia Tech Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics!

December 5-7, 2015

Prof. Cola helps to organize a successful sensor materials session at National Academies Third Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engieering, and Medicine Symposium at KAUST

November 17, 2015

Prof. Cola honored with 2015 Bergles-Rohsenow Young Investigator Award in Heat Transfer at ASME IMECE Conference in Houston, TX. 

November 5, 2015

Prof. Cola honored as a 40 under 40 by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Shared the stage with 39 amazing individuals, including Atlanta native Ludacris!

October 25, 2015

NESTers Tom Bougher and Matt Smith win NSF I-Corps grant to explore commercializing thermally conductive polymer. Good luck with customer discovery guys!!

October 23, 2015

Congrats to NEST Ph.D. Student Tom Bougher for a successful defense of his dissertation!! Go Dr. Bougher!

September 28, 2015

NEST lab demonstrates world’s first optical rectenna for electricity from visible and solar light! 

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